nobody minds, Mako.

So, I feel completely compelled to talk about this part in the trailer that was released today for Book 3 of TLOK. I will say that I was rendered speechless by how much was shown in the short clip and I was blown away by the mass cardiac arrest I had from waiting so many months for a glimpse into the new season. There are so many fantastic new and ground-breaking elements to the show that I know hardly any show demonstrates, let alone an animated one. Moving to the gist, look at that fucking animation. We all know that TLOK has transitioned from Studio Pierrot to Studio Mir and while I appreciate the effort that SP put in, nothing will hold a candle to Studio Mir’s beautiful and painstakingly done animation frames. Anything is lackluster compared to this. Look at this. LOOK AT THIS. And tell me you don’t feel yourself running upside a building and firebending a woman who uses waterbending as an extension of her body. LITERALLY. And then Mako. Hot damn. I just can’t. The animation is FINESSE.

-i’m not in love with you anymore…
-i know.
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boasting common life achievements

The Avatar’s New Ride by Artipelago

The Avatar’s new ride.Haters gonna hate..