Irosami - Sweet Like CInnamon, by Aurora Lynne
I missed drawing Irosami… Hope you enjoy! 

“My dear”
Ok this took me ages!!!!
I have a wallpaper comin’ up for this too
Irosami by eevee06121992

Irosami tea moments~ 
wouldn’t it be easier and faster to boil water with firebending anyway? :p 
o and this- 

^Ahaha i love this

Irosami + strip paisho

so perfect
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Privacy by La-Mirabelle

Irosami is probably my biggest otp yet, you have no idea

^ :O

Irosami by *kelly1412
Thank you for 500 follows!! I feels like I even haven’t figure out how tumblr works. Thanks again, here is a new piece I special made for you guys (cus it’s weird and I somehow see it adorable XD). sorry I’m really not good at drawing man… 

i love this ship. :C

Iroh + Asami…
I ship it… I don’t care if they haven’t met, it’s meant to be. I just feel like Iroh would be so much better for her than Mako. 
Also, Iroh kinda has lady lips but whatevs.

Irohsami/Asamiroh - sans background. PS5.

I ship this so hard. :3

here have some Irosami entitled something lame like “pleased to meet you” or “charmed i’m sure”
or “let’s have sex right now at least for the benefit of the fandom ok”(haha by the way does the fandom forgive me now) 

I am not ashamed that I ship this, even though they haven’t even met yet.