I had this sketch lying around for quite some while and wanted to work on something today, so here’s some very luxurious ladies of Legend of Korra (and Asami!) I’m all for leaving the boys in the dust for more fun lady times. I’ve gotten really into painting gold lately.
The Avatar’s New Ride by Artipelago

The Avatar’s new ride.Haters gonna hate..

Irosami - Sweet Like CInnamon, by Aurora Lynne
I missed drawing Irosami… Hope you enjoy! 

A shoulder to lean on

some quick Korrasami in go-go dancer rave outfits (?) yeah idk either
for Korrasami week day 1: all night~

Quick Korra and Asami doodle. I wanted to do one more drawing before the premier tonight. I just realized I forgot Korra’s armbands and tattoo thing, crap.  EDIT: I had posted a flopped version. So I’ve fixed that and drew in the armbands super fast. DERP.
Anyway, I might decide later to rework this in color, and fix it up… or do something else entirely.
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i meant to upload this a long time ago. like. back when i actually liked korra but okay whatever