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The Avatar’s New Ride by Artipelago

The Avatar’s new ride.Haters gonna hate..

Irosami - Sweet Like CInnamon, by Aurora Lynne
I missed drawing Irosami… Hope you enjoy! 

A shoulder to lean on

some quick Korrasami in go-go dancer rave outfits (?) yeah idk either
for Korrasami week day 1: all night~

Quick Korra and Asami doodle. I wanted to do one more drawing before the premier tonight. I just realized I forgot Korra’s armbands and tattoo thing, crap.  EDIT: I had posted a flopped version. So I’ve fixed that and drew in the armbands super fast. DERP.
Anyway, I might decide later to rework this in color, and fix it up… or do something else entirely.

i meant to upload this a long time ago. like. back when i actually liked korra but okay whatever


more because it needs to be a thing and I want it

Hi Ho Naga Away by nargyle