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Puttin’ on Makeup by Booter-Freak
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Amon by Artipelago
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Mortification of Flesh by frostious
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Happy Lunar New Year by freestarisis

This did not turn out the way I wanted it to… ( I pictured it differently in my head…)

Anyway here is blood bending Amon…blood bending…blood?

My lok/Ac crossover feels are intensifying…
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Avatar LoK by seles-chan
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LoK by purple-meow
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Stickers Legend of Korra by forte-girl7

Amon…you really should be careful about putting your fingers near peoples faces..specially people like Korra…
I was hoping this would happen the whole time..OTL




Alchemists meets Benders - FMA x ATLA/LOK by ~tissinecute

My friend pushed me to draw my overflowing FMA x ATLA/LOK head canons.

You know how Toph and Ed cheats on games, right? Now, who’s your bet? Also, if you watched the earlier FMA (not the…

The match ups are all so perfect, I can’t even. 

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Tarrlock and Amon by purple-meow
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LOK 11 & 12 by Purple-Meow