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Some of my favorite things about Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Zuko’s character development
  • Azula. I just freaking love Azula. She’s a prodigy. Born lucky. And just wants to fkk things up.
  • Badass Toph basically inventing metalbending
  • BLOODBENDING - seriously love how this was incorporated
  • Love love love that the elements evolve/their fighting style evolves/have a next level ^ 
  • Appa :3
  • Uncle Iroh’s life lessons. and his tea.
  • Lightning bending. Have i mentioned that i love the different next level bending that they have…’
  • Suki. in. The. Boiling. Rock. episode.
  • The Southern Raiders is one of my favorite episodes.
  • The Dai Li agents are pretty cool
  • Azula’s speech to the Dai Li
  • Sokka getting The Boulder’s autograph
  • The Ember Island Players. Not many shows poke fun at themselves and their fans (Zutara shippers)
  • Azula and Zuko’s final Agni Kai. dat music.
  • the dilfs 
  • Azula’s fighting style is one of my favorites. Vicious and well-calculated.
  • Zuko’s awkwardness.
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Credit to einlee @ deviantart